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January 11, 2008


Bill McEachern

a couple comments:

on 1) There are three types of buckling: linear, non-linear and post buckling. CosmosWorks Adv Pro will do linear and Post but not Non-linear. Geostar will do all three. Non-linear buckling is obtained by loading a structure in a static study and then taking the resulting stiffness matrix and doing a linear buckling analysis (eigenvalue extraction) on it - you get the buckling margins of the loaded and deformed structure.

On 2) Slenderness ratio is a geometric property and the Euler number is the number of waves or half waves to which the srtucture is buckled - they are visible by inspection form the modes shape plots for applicable structures.
On 3) Assuming this means when the solver option is set to apply soft springs: if you manually apply soft springs using the elastic support option under the connector selections you can then get the reactions for specific stabalization schemes.

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